Wireless room thermostat fitted to ferroli boiler - Plumbing job in Loughborough, Leicestershire

Job description

I have a Ferroli Optimax 38 C HE combi boiler and am looking to get a digital wireless room thermostat. We enquired with the Ferroli engineer at the last service and he advised that it would be cheaper to get someone else in to do it and I would have more choce because Ferroli only make one thermostat. He suggested a Honeywell so I have had a look and think something like the Honeywell CM907 would be what we are looking for if compatable.

  • The following information was added Thursday, 12th November, 2009 : Sorry but I was looking at the CM927 (wireless) not CM907.



Steve completed this job quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price. I will use his services again when required.