Restaurant - extractor light, airfeed & appliance check - Electrical job in Fulham, South London

Job description

  • Install: Sockets / switches, Lights, Extractor fans and Appliances
  • 1-5 electrical fittings / appliances

Customer description

Commercial Restaurant Premises.

Ideally would like to find a electrician who can do all 3 parts of the job, however willing to take quotes on parts of the job if priced correctly

Part 1. Extractor Fan Lighting Issue - The current extractor fan internal hood lights do not work (have not worked since start of tenancy, legacy occupier at least 1 year). Make shift externally fitted lights have been wired into the hood, however these are not properly sealed and one of the three has now failed, presumably due to oil / grease penetration. Job - I need either the original internal lighting unit repaired, however if this is costly / not possible, new external robust lighting installed which has the correct sealing and material to make resilient

Part 2. Extractor Fan Cold Air Issue - A power surge / outage in the area resulted in all electrical appliances temporarily going down. Once the power was returned, the extractor fan and hood returned to operation however the cold air feed did not. A noticeable smell from the extractor fan circuit board was notice when the outage happened so presumably a fuse in the box is damaged and needs replacing Job - Need the box investigated and repaired. If the issue for the cold air is greater then just the fan circuit board this needs to be investigated

Part 3. Faulty Sockets Issue - We have 2 sockets which intermittently give issue, one is located by / used for our fryers, the other for an open fridge unit. Job - I need these sockets tested, new fuses installed where appropriate and the appliances which utilise these sockets tested to ensure there isn't a issue caused by the appliances themselves


Feedback for TNS Solutions Ltd

Very professional. Was able to timley assess the issue and provide a solution