Connect wc to underground soil pipe - Groundwork & Foundations job in Cannock, Staffordshire

Job description

Dig down approx 4ft to soil pipe which is positioned approx 2.5ft from wall containing WC.
Cut through wall into WC and connect WC to soil pipe. Easy.
Also need plaster.

* The following information was added Monday, 11th August, 2008 :
Soil pipe is beneath appox 2" concrete then approx 4ft down. On the way up, may also need to cut through small area of foundation then through single brick wall into WC. Pan located behind wall.


Feedback for b & d builders and property aintenance

This 'cowboy builder' let me down in every way. 1½ hours late on the first day, disappearing for hours, no planning, no skills, constant requests for tea. This one day job turned into two days and was never properly installed or finished. Left a big mess for me to clean up. He is not a proper builder with skill, knowledge or intelligence. 'badge' is bad!