Demolish and remove a timber shed - Demolition job in East Grinstead, West Sussex

Job description

I have a timber shed (approx 2x3 metres) which is at the end of its useful life and needs to be demolished and removed; I am planning to eventually put up a metal shed in its place. The first stage is to demolish and remove the existing shed, which requires first shifting my son's bench press just a few metres away -- it's too heavy for me to do myself. There is also a desk and two wooden doors in the shed that can be disposed of along with the shed itself, unless you have a use for them, in which case you're welcome to have them.


Feedback for S&L Services

On the plus side: Luke responded promptly and scheduled the job. He messaged a couple of days later to say he'd had a cancellation and could do it earlier, which he did.
On the minus side: I paid the amount he quoted and he promised to send an invoice by email, which has never arrived. More seriously, a lot of debris such as nails and screws were left on the road just outside my house, and my neighbour has had two flat tyres in the past week as a result. She is, quite understandably, asking me to pay for a new tyre.