Laminate flooring (materials provided) 45sqm - Carpentry job in Rotherhithe, South London

Job description

45sqm of laminate flooring, all materials will be suplied. this job needs to be done on a VERY tight deadline


Feedback for floor1091

James Garland laid 45sqm of laminated flooring as agreed. However, the subfloor was very uneven which he failed to mention to me. Rather than pointing out to me that the floor needs to be levelled first (for which I would have paid him extra) he just went ahead laying the floor. The result is totally unacceptable with a difference of about 4cm in some places. When I contacted him to discuss what could be done he hung up on me. I am now having the floor redone by somebody else at my own expense.
The job was done in 9 hours for which he charged me £450, which is a lot of money. However, I don't mind paying a bit more if the work is done to a high standard and comes with excellent customer service. Hanging the phone up on me when a problem occurs doesn't classify as good customer service, in my book. Having a wooden floor that looks like a landscape of rolling hills doesn't classify as high standard either. VERY frustrating experience.