Steel angle lintel above downstairs window - Bricklaying job in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Job description

  • Build lintel

Customer description

Hi, I am about to get a downstairs window replaced and nobody I have asked is certain whether there is a steel angle lintel on the outer course of bricks. There is a concrete lintel on the interior course however.

I would like someone to remove the soldier course above the window, check if there is an existing steel angle lintel and if there is, advise if it's suitable or would need replacing.

If there isn't a steel angle lintel I would like one installed.

The window opening measures approximately 146cm wide and 115.5cm tall.

I would like two quotes please.

1) Removal and reinstatement of the soldier course (if there is a lintel). 2) Removal of soldier course, supply and installation of steel angle lintel, reinstatement of soldier course.

I can gladly provide pictures of the window if needed.

Kind Regards,



Feedback for christopher warren

Chris was very helpful in giving advice about a lintel installation and brickwork repair above a window. He did a great job of the lintel and brickwork even working late to get the job done. Thanks again Chris.