Leaking shower stall (plus smaller jobs) - Plumbing job in Grove Park, South London

Job description

  • Leak
  • Source identified

Customer description

1) The main job is a leaking shower. There appear to be two leaks, one from the drain, one from the wall. The shower stall is tiled, the wall leak appears to be where water is escaping under the plastic surround. Installer attempted not very successfully to block it with silicone. Job is to fix the two leaks. It should be easy to tell if the problem is fixed, we have two damp patches appear in the plaster downstairs at the moment. I'm happy to replace the shower tray and/or stall completely if necessary. 2) We also have a Bensham tap on our bath with splitter between taps and shower head which needs fixing or replacing, it leaks and sprays water. 3) We also have a dripping tap in the kitchen. It may just need the washer replacing, but we do have some odd pressure issues between it and the downstairs toilet. 4) We also have a dual flush on the downstairs toilet which sticks sometimes (flushes continuously).


Feedback for R.J.H Plumbing & Heating

I was pleased with Ryan's work, he was a good communicator who was always happy to discuss the best way to do the job. He spent time finding appropriate parts for me and was happy to get stuck in with tiling and fitting a new shower stall where necessary. He did underestimate how long the whole job would take, but that was purely down to a bit of over-optimism. He worked hard at the job, didn't finish until it was done, and didn't over-charge me on the labour. I'd be more than happy to call him out for any future plumbing needs.