Rendering of outside wall 6 x 3 foot section - Plastering job in Edinburgh, Midlothian

Job description

  • Render exterior of house
  • 1 - 2 exterior walls

Customer description

Hello, I've been removing ivy from the side of the house and in the process have lost a section of rendering. Still not removed all the ivy but probably looking at a 6 x 3 foot section that will need redone. It's ground level access but the damage is about shoulder height up to the flat roof of the single story extension so a step ladder will be needed and access is straight forward but via my neighbour. The affected wall is part of an extension that directly adjoins her house.

I've posted a couple of pics - sorry not great. I really need to take one from her side but hopefully you get the an idea.


Feedback for newcardenroofingandbuilding

Very pleased with the work James did which was redoing rendering on an extension wall damaged by removing ivy. He took off the old masonry and reapplied a scratch coat and then the rendering. Reasonably priced too against another quote that I had. I also needed a garden fence seeing to and James sorted that as well concreting in 2 posts. The whole job was done quickly and there was no mess left afterwords which since all the work was done on my neighbours side was important.