New tall washing line using scaffold poles - Landscaping job in Gravesend, Kent

Job description

I currently have a washing line made from two scaffold poles that are screwed to a concrete post on each end. However, this washing line is not very high and when my washing is on it, my little boy can pull it from the line as it is so low.

I would like the two scaffold poles replaced, so that they are a lot higher than the original ones.

I will add some pictures later today(thursday) to show the concrete poles and I will also measure the length of the line and give you a rough idea on the height I would like the washing line at when complete.

I will also need new pulleys on each end of the line and new line rope as what I currently have will not be long enough once higher scaffold poles are put up.

I do not have any materials at all and so you will need to supply all of these, including the two scaffold poles. You will not need to discard the old scaffold poles, as I have someone whom will take this.

Any questions, please ask.

  • The following information was added Thursday, 7th August, 2008 : The line is appox 7metres long and the current height is approx 220cm. I would like the height of the line to be increased to around 4metres (400cm).