Garden clear up / refresh - Landscaping job in Norwich, Norfolk

Job description

  • Landscaping project
  • Medium garden 100 - 200m²

Customer description

We have a few issues we want to resolve as follows;

Garden itself - Half of the garden is basically pure moss, other half is patchy grass and uneven soil.

Back of the garden is overgrown.

Patio in need of a deep clean, one tile on stairs is loose

High trees and hedges on side of garden need to be trimmed back

We're basically looking for a big clear up of the garden so that it's easier for us to look after.


Feedback for Conkers

Really impressed with the level of service. Our lawn needed a complete overhaul after several years of negligence and being left to overgrow. Andrew and his team were able to completely cut everything back, lay new lawn and install a new fence, as well as other little jobs and all within 2 and a half days and at a reasonable price! Would definitely recommend again.