Potential bath leak / sealant? - Plumbing job in Telford, Shropshire

Job description

  • Leak
  • Source identified

Customer description

The strip of carpet at the edge of the wall between our bedroom and bathroom is damp, it runs along the same side the bath is situated and there is also a slight stain on our kitchen ceiling (directly below our bath), the ceiling isn't damp or bulging but we think there is something going on under our bath which we cannot get access to, maybe the sealant has gone?

Ideally need someone to come and have a look asap, I appreciate it's lockdown and bank holiday but hopefully someone is still able to help. Thanks


Feedback for Mr24hourplumber

Scott solved our issue within the hour and was polite, helpful and did a great job! Definitely recommended and will be looking at hiring Scott for future bathroom and plumbing jobs when we eventually move house!