Small test contract for a premium london builder. - Bricklaying job in West Ealing, West London

Job description

  • Build an extension

Customer description

We are a premium London builder looking to find a quality bricklayer with decent prices whom we can work with on existing and future contracts. We predominantly work in the following areas: Muswell Hill, Highgate, Hampstead, Primrose Hill, Swiss Cottage, Notting Hill, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Chiswick.

This job is a test run to see how we can work together and is in W13. We are currently waiting for party wall agreements to fall into place for this particular extension, so you may have to have a bit of patience as it may take a few weeks before we need you.

Job description:

  1. The first part of the works in this house will be to build a, (LH),7000mm3600/3100mm double brick wall in reclaimed London Yellow Mixed Stock Bricks. The first 1800mm will be to a height of 3600mm, and the next 5200mm will be to a height of 3100mm.

  2. The last 1000mm of the brick wall will be a 90 degree left turn, and will have to be married to the existing brickwork in the neighbours extension. (Please note that we will want you to marry brickwork where possible at all times. No short cuts.)

  3. We will have dug and poured the foundations before you get to site.

  4. One side of the brickwork is going to have to be of very high quality as it is going to be exposed as a feature wall inside the house.

If this small contract goes well, we will quite possibly ask you to continue and finish of the cavity wall for the rest of the extension and the two double brick parapet walls for the loft conversion.

Please supply us with the following:

A. An estimate and lead-time for the described works.

B. Square meter prices for future reference:

  • Single skin block work.
  • Single skin brick work.
  • Solid brick walls.
  • Cavity walls.

Thank you.

C. A potential start date.

Added 5th March, 2020: ---------------------- PS: We will of course supply you with all the materials you need to do the job.


Feedback for Payne & Lyttle Construction Ltd

It has been refreshing to work with a set of young brickies who are knowledgeable, hardworking and friendly. I could not recommend Mark and Albert highly enough. Keep up the good work, lads.