Security alarm fault - Security Systems job in Bedworth, Warwickshire

Job description

  • Security system service repair

Customer description

Security alarm is identifying a “key fault tamper check”. The alarm was not set, when we returned home we were welcomed to this and a continuous beep. It will not accept our key code and is still beeping. It’s a guardtec ace system (obsolete I know).



Had a tamper check fault with my intruder alarm where it was continuously beeping. Left a job notice online. Danny phoned within 10 minutes of leaving the job notice. Really friendly and approachable over the phone. Danny tried to provide advice over the phone to see if it could be fixed without him coming out, however it became clear this issue was more complex. Danny came out late on a Sunday evening which I was not expecting, and thought I’d be charged over the odds which I wasn’t. Was value for money and charged £65 for the call out. The problem was fixed within 5 minutes and peace is restored - no more beeping. Thanks Danny! Would definitely recommend!