Create a hole in a wall for a door - Bricklaying job in Finsbury Park, North London

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    Finsbury Park
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    2008 days ago by mag_19 (2 jobs)
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Job description

We have this small bedroom in our house we've just moved in. To be able to have our bed + wardrobe fit inside this room, we need to MOVE THE DOOR. It means:
1/ Create a hole for the new door on wall A.
Wall A for the new door is a brick wall. Approx 20 cms thick. As it's a part of an extension, it's only supporting its own roof (a glass roof, doesn't seem very heavy)
2/ Blocking the existing door by filling the hole on wall B.


Feedback for A.t.d

decent job, very unpleasant person (racist talks)

A.t.d's reply:

For all concerned.
This job was done in april 2013. It appears that the client has recently wrongly added feedback to my file and it is clearly a case of feedback on the wrong person. I will be addressing this mistake. I have added the email acceptance from them with the date the job was done at the bottom for clarity.

Dear Mel,

With Fabrice we've decided to trust you for this work.
Before choosing together a day that suits everyone, we'd still like to make sure everything is clear on both sides.

The total bill for the labour (detailed in your doc from previous email) is a fixed price and total is £ 255.00

2013/4/20 Mel Woodbridge <