Gas pipe reposition (hob installed ) - Gas Work job in Edinburgh, Midlothian

Job description

  • Install or alter gas pipework

Customer description

Gas pipe extension/reposition for new kitchen.

I'm getting a new kitchen fitted and the gas pipe under the units isn't against the wall (which I think is not proper?) this needs to be fixed and extended a bit -- I haven't bought a new hob yet but I will do soon, so I'll probably get in touch again for that to be installed. We just need the pipes in the right place ( about 60cm extended from where they are now) before the joiners start work and then they'll be harder to access. I own my house but will probably rent it out next year so I need this kitchen refurb to be safe and have all the associated paperwork.

Would ideally be this week or early next week as joiners planning to start work Tuesday 4th. I can put you in touch with them directly also.

Thanks! -Bella