Help installing ufh manifold - Central Heating job in Rugby, Warwickshire

Job description

  • Install or alter water pipes

Customer description

Require some help with retrofitting UFH. Intend to DIY most of it, but the plumbing to the existing central heating system and other assorted connections to/from boiler are a little less obvious to do. It will also need to be pressure tested. The bare essentials would involve teeing off the existing central heating, down into where the UFH manifold is located (intended to be under the stairs). There may also be some wiring to be done with thermostats, etc. Happy for walls and floorboards to be lifted to do this. Do not have a clear idea of start time as the UFH has not been installed yet.


Feedback for H.M plumbing and heating services

Good job and swift, cleaned up after themselves as well!