Refurbish downstairs toilet and utility room - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Rugby, Warwickshire

Job description

My downstairs toilet and utility room (adjacent to the kitchen) needs a complete refurbishment, and will require an individual or company with these skills : Plastering, Plumbing, Tiling, Carpentry, Electrical.

Please note that before this job commences, my bathroom needs to be finished first, therefore earliest start date would be w/c 2nd November, perhaps the week after.


Existing toilet and tiles to be ripped out and replaced with new toilet (supplied by me). New plastering or boarding to be installed all around (I do not want any wall tiles in here).

Ceiling currently has a hole in it and needs a repair/new boarding. Also new light (supplied by me) to be installed in the ceiling.

Pipework behind the toilet to be hidden away. However, access needs to be preserved to the main water stop-cock to the house which is also behind the toilet.

The toilet requires a new door and also the arcatraving surrounding the door looks old and tired and would like it replaced.

Utility area

This is currently one thickness of exposed brick and would like this either to be plastered or perhaps boarded to give better insulation(?). Some of the brick behind the dryer looks like it currently has some mould on it which I would like treated first.

I am also not entirely happy with the location of the pipework which receives the outlet of the washing machine and would like it moved if that is possible.

Currently, the remains of an old door is being used as a shelf to separate the dryer and washer. I would like a new shelf fabricated within the refurbished room so that they remain separated.


New floor tiles (supplied by me) to be laid across both the toilet and utility room.

I am also not currently happy with the door and window frames which divide the utility area from the kitchen - they were originally designed as "outside" frames, but they are not anymore. Also the old door frame does not properly fit the door. Therefore I would perhaps like either a new door frame here and alterations made to the window frame.

I Will Buy

Toilet Toilet door Floor tiles Ceiling light

You Will Supply

All other materials


Feedback for WhitCo Electrical

Simon and Martin were friendly and professional. My utility and toilet are now transformed.