Plaster patches of wall and ceiling where wall removed. - Plastering job in Edinburgh, Midlothian

Job description

  • A combination of skim, bonding, and plasterboard
  • Plaster Small area

Customer description

Plaster surfaces of wall and ceiling exposed by removal of internal wall.

The areas to be plastered are as follows.

Ceiling: This a strip about 1.8m long and 10 cm wide. It should be covered with plasterboard to level the heights either side (the ceiling on one side is slightly lower than the coving on the other), and then plastered.

Eastern side of wall: This is a section of roughly cut exposed concrete blockwork about 2.75m high and 10cm wide, with a further section of damaged plasterboard extending up to 30cm further back on one side, the surface on the other side being wood at a right angle. The surface should be plastered after filling the gaps with a coating, and may need beading at the join with the wooden surface .

Western side of wall: This is a section of exposed intact concrete blockwork about 2.75m high and 10cm wide, covered in cement where a door frame has been removed. The surface should be plastered.

On the eastern side, I would also prefer the existing skirting boards (already removed) to be cut to fit the finished surface, and reattached.


Feedback for Edinburgh Plasterworks

Simon did a very good job at short notice and a reasonable price, restoring awkward fragments of wall to a smooth finish. He even agreed to sort out the skirting boards, despite not being his trade, and returned several times to get them right. Strongly recommended.