Small bathroom renovation job/re-fit - Bathroom Fitting job in Peckham, South London

Job description

Originally wanted to get this done a year ago but we had a few set backs. Now ready to go and am looking to have my relatively small bathroom ( approx 2.5 x 3 metres) refitted, tiled etc. There should be no electrical work or painting - the bathroom cabinet will be left as is (though retiled) as was built to fit. The toilet will also stay the same. All other fixtures/tiles will be supplied by me, so it's really only the labour and perhaps grout that would be needed for this job.

There are are a couple of small recessed and tiled shelves in the wall at one end of the bath which will be a little fiddly, but otherwise this is a very straight forward and small job.

The apartment is located on the 3rd floor of an old school house and the bathroom was originally done about 12 years ago - very poorly.

If you are interested and could give me a rough idea of price and when you could come by to see the space and quote the job, that would be really helpful.

I need this work to be completed before mid-April.



Feedback for Thima Green Ltd

The job ran long (twice the estimated time) and at greater cost than even contingency allowed for. I believe this to be a result of Pav's inexperience and attempted short cuts which turned out to be very long.

I'd give the job 5/10 overall. There are a great many small flaws, and some larger ones we've had to hire a third party to rectify.
Pav did offer to come back and fix some of the snags at extra cost to us.

Pav also did some painting for us which he subcontracted out, which ended up over budget and which by Pav's admission was a poor job.

Poor planning and far, far too much complaining by Pav meant this job wasn't as successful as it could have been. If Pav was more realistic about costings and timescales this would help for future work and quoting. However I would not hire him again.

Thima Green Ltd's reply:

I always work fair. The job run long only 2 days extra and I had explained why I was not provided with some accessories on time. Not a single drop of paint was left on the floor and furniture. When we finished painting they were excited about the job. Over budget was £100. The customer was notified and I did not complain I was EXPLAINING why this job took a bit more time. When they saw beautiful bathroom, her exact words were: "Why did I not invite you 2 years ago". Having said all that, there is an inconsistency between this feedback and what she said directly to me. I do not want to blame anyone. There is clearly a misunderstanding which led to the negative feedback.