Update loft storage space - Loft Conversions job in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

  • Location
    Welwyn Garden City
  • Trade
    Loft Conversions
  • Posted
    2467 days ago by bsvensso
  • Start date
    March or April 2013
  • Hired

Job description


Could you please provide a quote for upgrading our loft space? Currently the loft is hard to access, musty and dusty, has limited boarding and a small hatch and seems to suffer from some condensation problem.

We would like to upgrade it as follows: - Larger hatch to make entry easier. - Improved insulation as the current is old and probably minimal. This may also require raising the flooring. - Ensure proper ventilation to get rid of current condensation issues. - New flooring covering at least the central section where ceiling height it reasonable. The current flooring has been damaged by drip from occasional condensation and need to be replaced. - Make the space dust free, as far as possible. May require some covering of the inside of the ceiling or similar?

The goal is to make the loft storage space easier to access and more comfortable to use. We don't envisage a full on loft conversion by any means but it would be nice to get something which invites usage better then today.

The whole space is around 40 square meters but it is probably only the central section which needs boarding. The roof is around 2 m at the highest point.

Please also advice on any administrative issues required i.e. building control or similar.

Let us know what you think.

Best Regards, Bjorn Svensson


Feedback for The Loft Boys

The Loft Boys did an excellent job with upgrading our loft. They were on time, tidy, pleasant and properly completed the work exactly as we had agreed upon. Highly recommended!