Plastering a corner damaged by a leak - Plastering job in Edinburgh, Midlothian

Job description

  • Bonding and skim
  • Plaster ceiling or 1 - 4 walls

Customer description

There was a leak in the upper corner of a bedroom so I need the plaster to be repaired. The plaster is damaged less than a metre down and across on either wall of the corner, and there is some damage at the edge of the ceiling which may need to be repaired, I'm not sure. The ceiling is a normal height but the room has some furniture which I have moved away from the wall.

Added 7th November, 2019: ------------------------- The wallpaper has already been removed and the wall will be cleaned up before the job starts


Feedback for Edinburgh Plasterworks

Simon was really proactive and got the job done well. He was lovely to deal with and I'd definitely hire him again