Repair to front pillar between downstairs windows - Bricklaying job in Harlow, Essex

Job description

  • Repair job

Customer description

My elderly mother (in Harlow) wants to replace her front windows that are 100= years old. We have a contractor for the windows, but the central piller between the 2 front downstairs windows is slightly bowed outwards. It has been bowed for as long as I remember so at least 50 years, but we would like it repaird before we disturb the wall by refitting with modern wondows. Can you help us? David


Feedback for Herts Brickwork Contractors

An excellent experience throughout! Tony always answered every call, was clear and precise with what would happen and when. The work was completed on time to a high standard and they even cleaned and swept up afterwards! Very highly recommended, we couldn’t have asked for more!