Repointing / brickwork repair to victorian villa - Repointing job in Barnet, Hertfordshire

Job description

  • Repointing

Customer description

We live in a detached, 2 storey Victorian villa which has been converted into upper and lower 3-bedroom maisonettes.

We occupy the upper level and have noticed that 2 patches of damp staining have appeared on the internal finishes. I have put a damp meter on both patches and both are reading well over 30 compared to between 6-10 on unaffected areas.

The 2 patches are on different sides of the house, are nowhere near any pipework and are on external walls of the property. As such, I am 99% certain that the damp patches relate to faults that have developed in the mortar/brickwork and that rainwater is now getting into the brickwork. The first patch is located above an external staircase so some sort of ladder/structure with variable length legs may possibly be required. I have been unable to identify the specific location of the fault here myself. The second patch will require my downstairs neighbour's permission to enter their garden area/side passageway but should be relatively easily reached via a ladder.

The fault here is fairly obvious as one of the decorative red bricks has eroded significantly and requires repair/replacement.