Repair to structural damage terraced house - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Job description

  • Repair job

Customer description

The property is a back to back end-terrace dating from the late 1800s. The external walls are coursed sandstone with an internal brick leaf. The hipped roof is covered with slate tiles. The front elevation appears to be in good condition with no visual evidence of structural movement. However, there is a visible outward lean in the sandstone leaf from first-floor level to eaves on the gable wall. The lean is most pronounced near the centre of the gable and more severe over the property backing onto another property. This lean in the external face was measured at approximately 90mm (max.) at eaves. The wall over this area has been very poorly and shoddily repointed thus covering any evidence of the possible cause of the movement in the wall. The internal face of the gable wall has been plastered and painted and exhibits and outward lean of 13mm/m in the stairwell – giving an estimated outward lean of the inner face of 39mm over the first floor. Also, there is a hairline crack at the junction of the internal wall and gable wall and under the skirting to the staircase landing against the gable wall. There is evidence of water ingress through the gable wall both in the kitchen and bedroom over. There are numerous gaps between the roof tiles at and near the eaves level. The gutter and fascia detail to the gable is inadequate and appears to be the primary cause of the structural movement observed. There is evidence that patch repairs have been carried out to the roof with several metal clips inserted to hold the slate tiles in place. Several tiles have slipped or are broken, and some replacement tiles are not the correct size. Also, the mortar bed to the ridge and hip tiles need renewing. The ground and first floors appear to be in good condition with no evidence of excessive bounce. There is no evidence of foundation movement or any movement related to foundation failure. Therefore, the property does not suffer from subsidence.

The structure of the property appears generally to be in good condition. However, structural repair works are required to be carried out to stabilise the gable external wall as soon as possible. The following works are recommended to be carried out: 1. The deformed section of the gable wall is to be taken down and rebuilt plumb. This has to be carried out in conjunction with the adjoining neighbour sharing the gable wall. 2. Provide 30mmx5mm stainless steel straps located at 1.2m centres between the gable wall and the first floor and at eaves level. Use 2no M6 resin anchors to fix straps to walls and 40mm long no.8 screws fixing to timber joists. Provide timber noggings at strap locations. 3. Overhaul roof, replace all timbers found deteriorating or suffering from rot and treat all remaining against further decay. In corporate sarking felt (breathable membrane) in new construction. Replace any broken and loose tiles and take-up and re-bed the ridge and hip tiles.


Feedback for Faisal Building Solution

Faisal and his team have completed my job to the highest standard, he has helped with any problem solving along the way and always maintained a good level of professionalism.

I will be using Faisal on any jobs in the future and will be recommending him to all of my contacts that need any property development or repair work.

Thank you Faisal, I look forward to working with you again soon.