Variety of work inc moving wiring, plug sockets, lights - Electrical job in Lewisham, South London

Job description

We're doing a bit of work on the house and need someone to do the electrical work. There may be more to add to this list, but could you give me an idea of how much you would charge for the following:

  1. Wiring in a up to 10 new plug sockets (sockets are already in place, but we want more in each room)
  2. Changing 2 light fittings
  3. Adding a shaver socket to the bathroom
  4. Moving a light switch and plug socket that are currently in a partition wall that we are knocking down
  5. Generally checking the wiring in the house (I'm told there's a problem with the earthing on one or two sockets downstairs)
  6. Fixing one socket where the plastic has come off it so it is no longer usable.

Please could you give me an idea of how much each of these jobs would cost, and how much the overall cost is (if we were to book them all and you could just do them in a day)?