Alteration to a flat roof and a repair as well - Roofing (Flat) job in Clapham Junction, South London

Job description

I've started a balcony extension and the current set up has a section of 9 inch single layer breeze blocks capped with coping stones as per the pictures. The main job listed here is to remove those breeze blocks and to repair that section to blend in with the flat roof which was built in 2006 with some sort of rolled out roof covering then hot ashphalted mopped on, I can't be sure though so correct me if I'm wrong on that.

My main aim is waterproofing it and it being at the same horizontal level as the existing roof. It'll be covered later with decking so it doesn't matter that it won't look the same.

Also we have some water penetration at the front of the house and I'd like to have that properly repaired in the same job.

The job is easily accessed by internal stairs and it's easy to climb over the roof to work on the front section. The neighbour has had the same problem & recently repaired it so I've added a pic as an example of what I'm also aiming for. I have matching paint so the finish isn't the issue but the waterproofing is.

I need a receipt at the end of the job and am in the housing maintenance trade myself so I'm not looking for ambitious prices, something sensible with an aim to getting the job done soon.

There's controlled parking in the street but I can supply day cards, but they cost £7 each for the full day versus about £16 for feeding the meter.


Feedback for masterclass

Phil can be relied upon to do as agreed with fuss. This was the 2nd job he helped me with. Thanks.