Sanding and refinishing solid oak flooring in 6+ rooms - Hard Flooring job in Wokingham, Berkshire

Job description

  • Solid wood flooring sanded / restored
  • Sand / restore in 5 or more rooms

Customer description

Solid oak floor in 6 rooms requires sanding and refinishing due to 10 years of wear and tear. Approximate areas: Hall - 29 X 10 - very dark by entrance, but other areas not as bad. Area includes a small washroom - flooring heavily damaged in here due to leaking toilet. Dining Room - 19’3 x 17’2 - condition generally ok, but wear and tear around edges where floor wasn't covered by a rug. Also fading due to sunlight in uncovered areas. Sitting Room - 29’8 x 16’2 - As above. Kitchen/Breakfast Room - 22’6 x 21’9 - dark almost everywhere, heavy wear and tear. Family Room - 20’9 x 13’11 - heavy wear and some dark staining from spillages. Annexe - 25’2 x 16’5 - heavy wear and tear. (All estimates)

The upstairs floors have a lot less wear and tear, but still have quite a few scrapes etc from badly fitted doors and moving furniture. Depending upon the price quoted, the full sanding / resurfacing of those rooms is optional for us at the moment. Approximate areas: Master Bedroom - 19’ x 13’11 Walk in wardrobe - 9’1 x 9’1 Bedroom 2 - 18’1 x 13’11 Bedroom 3 - 16’6 x 16’3 Bedroom 4 - 16’2 x 12’9 Bedroom 5 - 13’9 x 10’8 Bedroom 6 - 16’11 x 8’8 Landing 1 - 18 x 30 Landing 2 - 20 x 9

I can send photos of the various rooms to interested trademen, but a site visit is probably needed to provide an accurate quote.

Timing wise, we would like the work to begin as soon as possible.


Feedback for Floor Sanding and Finishing

95% happy with the work carried out. We picked up some issues and Robert was happy to come back and fixed most of them.
However, some areas have been sanded a bit roughly (near to edges and where floorboards dipped down) and there are some areas of the floor where the lacquer is not thick enough, so if water is spilt it goes straight through into the wood (especially round the edges).