Upgrade building to meet fire regs - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Torquay, Devon

Job description

  • Property owner
  • Normal refurb without kitchen, bathroom or structural work

Customer description

Our block of 12 converted flats needs to be upgraded to meet current fire regs as outlined in the Fire Risk Assessment


Feedback for Trevillions Property Services

In over 20 years of managing properties, this was my worst experience. This work was urgent as we had failed a Fire Regulations Assessment. Steve Trevillion messed me around for months before finally admitting he did not have the skillset nor the resources to do the work. He constantly lied about what progress had been made. Mostly he didn't communicate at all and when he did he always assured me that everything was going well. What little work he did actually do (about 10% in 3 months) was extremely substandard. I trusted Steve, and his partner in crime Bob, and recommended them to the managing agent, directors and owners of the block. He caused me an enormous amount of stress, anxiety and embarrassment. Frankly, I don't understand why he is still in business.

Trevillions Property Services's reply:

I’m still in Business because luckily I have been in business for over 20 years and have many happy and satisfied repeated customers. The work that was carried out was of a higher quality finish than the spec required. Also the property management were happy to pay me for the work completed . The stress was caused by yourself for the political issues you had with the property management company, regarding the running of property being looked after . THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ME ??