Patio door lintel replacement - Bricklaying job in Boston, Lincolnshire

Job description

  • Build lintel

Customer description

I have recently moved into a property that needs refurbishment. The bricks above the patio door on the rear extension have dropped with a noticeable bow, so I suspect either a failed lintel or no lintel at all.

The job would be to remove the bricks above patio doors, new lintel put in and the bricks put back.

Care must be taken because the flat roof on this extension building has just been replaced (it was leaking badly when I moved in so it couldn't wait).



Darran is an extremely reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy tradesman. He charges a very competitive fee and you will not be disappointed. I was so impressed with the results of the first job that I have had him back on numerous occasions........I wouldn't hesitate to contact Darran again when I need a job done properly, knowing I am paying a fair price for excellent quality work.