Various building / joinery work - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Manchester, Lancashire

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Feedback for fe fi fo fum

We employed Danny (Daniel Walker Pastering / Building) via the website. His quoate was reasonable and seemed ok although didnt quote in writing and didn't do a schedule of works which was a big mistake. His standard of work isn't particularly good but the worse thing was that he tricked us into to payingall but £100. of the £2,480.00 total for work as he said he was going on holiday and said he'd banked on our money before he went. We refused to pay it all but in the end having pulled on our heart strings saying that he wouldn't be able to afford to pay for his daughter on holiday we gave in and also swearing on her life - so stupidly, being genuine people we gave in. There was way more than £100.00 worth of work for him to finish. After his holiday I contacted him and he scheduled a time to come and finish. I left a note for him detailing what jobs were to finish and apparnetly (according to our cleaner) he came in the house looked at the list, said he was going to get some paint and we have not seen or heard from him since. Obviously we feel extremely let down and now will have to pay someone else to finish the work. We will be taking him to the small claims court though to recoup the money / inconvenience. His lead work is very poor and the bay he was supposed to make watertight is already leaking, hence more cost. WARNING: DON'T PAY HIM MONEY UP FRONT. We learnt the hard way.