Refurb - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Job description

  • Property purchase in progress
  • Full refurb including new kitchen, bathroom and/or structural work

Customer description


I would like a complete renovation of my home whereby I will require

A Bathroom Fitter A Plaster - The home appears mouldy A Kitchen Fitter Flooring A Painter A Boiler Fitter - Gas and Electricity needs sorting out.

Definitely a complete renovation.

I will be expecting a feedback.




Jamie is spot on! He gave me a cheap and reliable quote, above all, he went the extra mile getting me the best men to sort my job out.

A big thanks to Jamie, he is flexible and honest and much more polite. He is good in communication and tells no lie.

I am in the process of using him again and I highly recommend him for any job as he is trust-worthy and reliable.

A big thumbs up to Jamie.