Wall + fence - Bricklaying job in Ilminster, Somerset

Job description

  • Build a garden wall

Customer description

Quote to remove existing wall and rails, reduce dig and pour adaquate footings to take 8x 320x320 chiltern brick piers 1.2m high/ 2x 400x400 chiltern brick piers 2.4m high to take. 100mm Concrete blockwork inbetween piers to have sand/cement render both sides to 1.2m high. All blockwork and piers to recive a beveld concrete capping stone. 1.2m high feather edge and rail fence to top of wall. 1.8m post/rail and feather edge fence to right hand side of gates with a 900mm pedistrian gate. Remove spoil and waste.


Feedback for JMW Bricklaying

We found JMW bricklaying well priced, kept to the budget and work was very professional. They came up with some great ideas for our pillars that were used to support our walls. Would highly recommend them. Cheers guys Glen & Jenny