Lights not working - Electrical job in Harrow, Middlesex

Job description

The house lights are not working, the plug sockets and oven still work.

The lights have been tripping off every few days for the last two weeks and now will not turn back on when I flip the switch back on.


Feedback for Alchemy Electrical

Failed to fix the problem in 2 visits but charged for his time. I had to hire another electrician who solved the problem in 30 mins.

Alchemy Electrical's reply:

Unfortunately, this statement by the customer is untrue.

On my initial visit I fixed a loose connection in the consumer unit which was causing the lighting to drop in and out. The customer paid a small call out for this visit.

However the problem came back afterwards and I offered to visit, out of hours, for free to try and find the issue.

Sadly in the time I had that evening I couldn't find the problem but I offered lots of advise on how to tackle the problem, wrote his job description for MyBuilder to find someone new and didn't charge for that visit.

My understanding was that the initial problem listed on MyBuilder was fixed but a new issue was not. I'm sorry that the customer wasn't happy with the service I offered.