Stripping and re-lining in prep for painting - Painting & Decorating job in Stockwell, South London

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    Painting & Decorating
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    2237 days ago by jonathan_78
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    Friday 11th January
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Job description

Living room walls were newly plastered a few years ago but unfortunately due to a leak in the roof and the resulting damp, the walls around the bay window needed to be tanked and waterproofed before being re-plastered, but are now fully sealed. Unfortunately I had to remove half of the lining paper to do the work.

There are some very minor repairs (filling and sanding) where I recently had a radiator removed and placed under the bay window otherwise plasterwork is fine.

Living room space measures approx 5m length x 3m width x 3m height. Room has been half stripped but this needs to be completed and re-lined with lining paper in preparation for painting (please note painting is not required)

N.B. Only written quotes which include labour and materials from professional/traceable companies will be accepted on letter headed notepaper (via e-mail is fine) for freeholder records.

Payment will be made either by cheque or electronic.

Images of the space and what is required are also available.