Leaky pipe, slow leaky toilet, non working radiator - Central Heating job in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Job description

  • Minor issue with 1 radiator

Customer description

There are 3 plumbing problems I need to sort. If possible

1: I have a single radiator downstairs which doesn't seem to get hot and the system slowly loses pressure over time. 2: there is a slow drip from an old water pipe in downstairs toilet and 3 seems to be a slow water leak from under upstairs toilet (old waste pipe is but rusty so could be that)


Feedback for Mr24hourplumber

Scott called back almost immediately and gave me various options to come and have a look including a Sunday.

He turned up at expected time, did all 3 jobs as asked and although it was expensive all in, in fairness the price was as predicted based on clearly advertised labor costs. There were no hidden costs. It just took a long time to narrow down a difficult problem with existing plumbing which I would have never found (ended up being a faulty connector stemming the flow). He didn't do anything on the sly and showed me at each step what was working or wasn't and why.

He was only planning to be a couple of hours but stayed for a full 6 on the Sunday and got it done by the time he left including cleaning up after himself.

He also gave free advise on various thing like the boiler and in some cases improved the existing pipework by rerouting or adding stop taps to make future work easier.

Would recommend. Just remember that diagnosing a fault could take the longest time so if you don't know what the problem is labor costs will be unknown until the problem is detected.