Brick out building at end of yard - Bricklaying job in Northwich, Cheshire

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    2149 days ago by moran_68 (2 jobs)
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the end of my yard has three walls ,a back and two sides one side is not very good and probs needs redoing maybe breeze block then the other sides need raiseing and a concrete floor base is required ,then a slanted roof , my neighbour has had one done at the end of her yard .


Feedback for

asked to build a brick shed ,cost£ 2240 .. roof leaks leaks water, pointing of bricks looks digusting door not sealed to wall 1/2 inch gap no roof ties to hold roof down , roof now going black inside and builder? says thats normal !! clearly roof nails show through the roof so leaks water very untidy worker ordered to much sand ,so left it and three weeks later i have had to pay to get it removed.. avoid i have now got another builder to rectify the problem happy to talk to builder but he blames everyone but his incorrect work ..'s reply:

did job to how she specified wanted everything done for nothing keept knocking price down she did nothing but shout moan and rant and rave can verify this with builders merchant who have now banned her from there shop just no telling her wants everything done using cheapest matterials and want top quality it was thats ok ,dont pay that for that,just do this all ways the builder when the jobs finished and shes not happy and i did go back to rectfy anything but she is not a very nice person never again ive got 10-15 custermors who would recomend me and i have quality work i can show any one but some people just impossable