Garage asbestos removal - Waste Clearance job in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Job description

  • Waste removal only
  • Standard van load
  • Includes hazardous materials: Asbestos

Customer description

Standard garage roof contains asbestos, this needs to be removed and disposed. I’m in a semi detached house. Please contact me for viewing and quotes. Thanks


Feedback for Safe Environment

Due to personal circumstances, I had to cancel the quote , agreed. This was 11 days before work commenced. So good notice given. I'd to call the reception to make the cancellation, no questions asked. It will be done right away. After a few days - I get cancellation fee, £180! After questioning the same, I get a response saying its in the terms and conditions - and when I approve a quote, I automatically agree to the terms. This seems like a discrete way to cheat customers. Theres no verbal warning, before cancellation. I wasn't even asked why Im cancelling. I could've asked for a change in date.
Very good and competitive rates, but Very Very bad customer awareness.