Plaster ceiling and walls of two medium-sized lounges - Plastering job in Surbiton, Surrey

Job description

I have two adjoining lounges (approximately 3m x 4m and 3m x 3m). I would like to properly render the surfaces of both rooms and replace the woodchip wallpaper that is currently there.

This job would thus be:

1) Strip the woodchip wallpaper from all walls and ceilings in both rooms 2) Re-line ceilings with plasterboard 3) Re-render all walls and ceilings in both rooms.


Feedback for sa builders

I highly recommend Stephen as a builder.

At our first meeting, Stephen came across as a very courteous and efficient gentleman. His quote was reasonable and we gladly hired him.

Stephen and his team were extremely tidy, and very good in their work. The team finished exactly according to schedule and completed everything to a very high standard.

I was very glad that we hired Stephen and I would gladly do so again. I would also highly recommend him to anyone.