Ch system and new bathroom some minor building work - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Highgate, North London

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    Restoration & Refurbishment
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    2243 days ago by bill_564
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Job description

This is a two bedroom flat.

Fit new condensing combination boiler and new central heating system. Seven radiators in total. Worcester boiler by preference but dimensions of boiler important so willing to consider other makes. Pipework will need to be chased into walls. (No floorboards!) Run new gas pipe for hob. Fit suspended ceiling in kitchen. Skim ceiling.

Scarf replacement timber in window sill. Repair rail in sash window.

Plaster and skim wall under window.


Install shower tray, run new waste in wall to soil pipe and fit new coupling to soil pipe. Fit shower cubicle and associated plumbing. New WC to be fitted. Fit new basin and towel rad. Tile bathroom. Skim ceiling.

Fit studs to bedroom wall, insulate, board and skim.


Feedback for Mr Spyros Spyrou

I have bought and sold a number of properties and used tradesmen over a lot of years and am able to do a bit myself and so have an undertsanding of what is and is not good work. This is a nice man but I wonder if he is in the right occupation. he oversaw probably the messiest job I have seen because there was no tidying up at the end of the day. He has one good subcontractor and the rest take the mickey. I did ask why so much plaster was left on the floor and not cleaned up. The answer I got, in writing folks, was that it shouldn't be an issue as carpet will cover it. I withheld money at the end of the job which he agreed to but then he has refused to return the keys to the property ( yes, I know that is theft but will the police really be bothered) and he has refused to provide a gas safety certificate for the installation of a boiler. That is illegal. Of course, it may be that he cannot provide the certificate because the subcontractor he used is not qualified to provide one! He has a problem if you do not accept his standards but if I am paying I expect a builder to meet my standards which in a number of areas are higher than his. In fairness some of his work was good but only some of it. However, it is totally unacceptable not to return keys or provide a safety certificate. You have have been warned.