Fireplace & gas fire installation - Gas Work job in Sevenoaks, Kent

Job description

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Feedback for G Morgan

"Gareth was employed to fix a limestone fire surround and a LFE gas fire, both of which I supplied. The fire was installed properly . However, he glued the fireplace backplate to the wall without noticing that it should be glued to the uprights first thus leaving a 2" gap between the backplate and the uprights and glued it unevenly so as to leave a gap between it and one upright. He placed the hearth off centre. He proposed not to chase the fireplace into the wall but to fill the inevitable gap with white caulking which would have stood out like a sore thumb. With a bad grace he rectified these problems but left dark stains on the hearth. The stains did not go, as he promised, and I had to buy a special stone cleaner and spend hours using that and bleach to remove them. I had lost all confidence in his ability so I did not ask him to return to deal with the stains in case he made them worse. I have been advised that he should not have used ordinary (brown) mortar but white tile cement to fix a limestone fireplace because of the extreme porosity of that stone. He proposed to charge me £47.99 for copper pipe of which he had used 1 metre claiming that this was “special” because he did not usually use 9 mill. pipe and had had to buy a complete bundle of it. I have been advised by the fire manufacturer however that plumbers normally use this size pipe for the last metre. He did waive this charge however after my protest.