Bathroom refit(shower) plus possible new concrete floor - Bathroom Fitting job in Bristol, Avon

Job description

Hi We had a new bathroom fitted about three years ago and one of the things that we had to do was fit insulation board to the two outside walls (as these were only single skin walls). This is a groundfloor bathroom)

One of these walls started to get quite damp (from the bottom up).We identified and have fixed a problem with the outside drain (there was standing water around the bottom of the wall). However we believe that the shower has not been installed correctly (for instance the tiles do not run under neath the shower walls) and we'd really like to know if all the water from the shower is draining correctly - so the job will definitely involve removing the shower and re-installing and probably re tiling).

The second issue is that the floor around the shower is also damp. This could well be related to the problem above but it should also be noted that the floor around the shower is not actually solid - there is just some kind of gravel aggregate underneath (don't ask). So we would like to explore the options of relaying the floor (concrete etc) which would obviously mean removing and re-installing all bathroom furniture, and relaying a cork floor tiling.

Anyway, obviously best if you come and have a look.

Please phone or email if you have any questions. I have some photos that I can email you if that would help, just let me know what your email address is.




Feedback for Custom Made Construction

Joe and Ben were really great, super helpful, friendly and got the job done. Thanks loads.