Pig pen - Landscaping job in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Job description

Space is 19.5" by 20". It is a muddy, boggy mess which will need digging out. A skip will definitely be required. I want one side bordered with railway sleepers. There are two pigs in there so the sleepers cannot be treated with anything which is dangerous for animals.

I then want sleepers to divide the pen into 4 areas. One will be hardstanding for a pig arc. One will be left as mud for the pigs to root. The other two I want to be done with hexapath filled with gravel (or something similar) to give a firm base, and covered with woodchip. Because of the fall of the garden, the two woodchip areas may have to be stepped down one from the other.
I have drawn up a rough plan basing the sleepers on a width of one foot each.

Based on the plan, I will need roughly 73.5 feet worth of sleepers to divide the areas. More may be required if they need to be doubled up in height.
The hardstanding area should be 6x8ft in area (not including the sleeper border). This is bigger than the pig arc but will be big enough for a shed if we move.
The mud area will be 9x11.5 feet. 2 sides of this will not be bordered by sleepers as there are sufficient fences there. One hexapath/woodchip area would be 10x8 internally and bordered three sides by sleepers and one by wall. The other would be 10x8.5 internally and the same as the other for borders. I understand that these areas would need a base of hardcore, the hexapath itself, finer gravel to fill the hexapath, and reasonably sized woodchip for one top.

The area is accessed via a path at the side of the house, over a patio and through a wrought iron gate. There is space for a skip at the front of the house. We could do with some advice on drainage as the area is very boggy and the lay of the land means water runs downhill from one side and off the patio at the other.

If none of this makes sense, I can email a copy of the plan which is very basic, done as a table essentially to show the different areas, with each square representing one foot squared.


Feedback for Utley Excavations Ltd

Tom did a great job for us on an unusual request of turning a boggy mess into a functioning pig pen. He was reliable, punctual and efficient. He came a couple of times before hand to make sure he understood what we wanted and did a great job when he started. Not a bad word to say about him or the lads he had working for him.