Turning ground floor of terrace into open plan - Architecture job in Epsom, Surrey

Job description

  • Rear/kitchen extension
  • Single storey
  • Terraced
  • Owns the property
  • Not applied for planning permission yet
  • Need plans for extension project

Customer description

2 bedroom terrace for a couple who like to entertain.

Looking to transform the ground floor of a traditional UK terrace house to an open plan space with a ground floor extension out the back with to a maximum of 3m.

The wall between the lounge and the kitchen would be knocked down.

The existing kitchen will go opening up the space with a new kitchen fitted to the side towards the back, then either a kitchen island or an attached table coming out that would double as a dining area.

At the very back where the extension is an additional sofa would be placed for an entertainment space where we are looking to set up a tv or projector opposite the sofa.

We would also like to have a workspace/2 separate small workspaces towards the front of the louge area.


Feedback for M Architecture + Planning Ltd

Murat provided a good punctual service delivering clear and concise plans on time along with submitting the planning permissions paperwork to both Thames Water and the County Council all in order, receiving a positive response within the specified time frame. He was always available on the phone and was very informative and helpful throughout the process.

The only hiccup came with the party wall agreement which put a short delay on kickstarting our renovations but with this particular thing all scenarios are different so it would make sense to do your own research and communication with neighbours.