Laying laminated flooring - Flooring job in Welling, Kent

Job description

laying 2 rooms with laminate


Feedback for eastcarpentry

Went with Darius based on his price. Told me he didnt need to inspect first as he did laminated all the time. When he turned up he wanted £350 instead of teh £200 quoted. This was later reduced to £225. After he had laid the lamininated floor he told me the floor was uneven and it would crack. Why he didnt tell me this BEFORE layoing floor I have no idea. Now a day later its all cracked. Ive wasted the money I've paid him and I'm got to pull up the old laminate , buy new laminate and pay again to do the job again. I've wasted about £500 of laminate just in materials. In fairness I did receive an email from Darius apoligising before I wrote this fedback but it doesnt conpensate for all the money I wasted .I cant understand why he couldnt have called me prior to laying to tell me this. I could have either paid him to sand it down or got someone else to do prior to the floor being laid. I would recommed this tradesman to anyone based on my experience.

eastcarpentry's reply:

On the phone Paul he said that he got 2 rooms to be done, but when i came on site his painter explained me that actually there was 3 rooms and a hallway which had to be done. So i called Paul and said that i want to cancel the job because he didn't describe it properly or i will increase the price, he agreed to increase it. The floor was very uneven and i did tell Paul that the flooring would crack in the future and i would not be responsible for that. He said that the flat was for rent, so it didn't matter. I managed to finish the job in one day so wanted to charge Paul £200 but he offered me £225 and said that he is happy with the result.

What is more, i always do my best to achieve the best as you can see from all my other feedback.