Immersion boiler - no hot water - Plumbing job in Norbury, South London

Job description

I have no hot water (I haven't for two months). I only have electricity (no gas) and it's an immersion heater (make: Santon).

So far I paid someone to fix it and he's only made it worse (from 45 seconds of hot water to none at all). He replaced one of the heating elements (there's one main one and one for the "boost").

I'm not keen to pay him again when as I'm not sure he knows what he is doing as he assured me it would work after I he did this.

I would prefer someone who specializes in this kind of thing, rather than general plumbing - thanks :)


Feedback for plumber_bathfitter

Came at short notice and efficiently solved my immersion heater problem, also helped me with a plumbing issue caused by my bathroom fitter. Great guy, clearly very knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about the work - recommended.