Plumbing for washing machine in new location - Plumbing job in Bristol, Avon

Job description

We need plumbing added to the cupboard under the stairs to allow us to move the washing machine and make space for a new dishwasher in the kitchen. . There is a mains cold water pipe running under where we want the washing machine (this is lead pipe). All our house's waste water goes on the outside of wall so it should be possible to drill through the wall and connect to this. . So basically join onto the existing cold water pipe (machine is cold only) and add a new waste pipe. . We also want our stopcock replaced as the handle has broken off (this is on the same lead pipe and is also under the floorboards.


Feedback for kelly plumbing Heating & gas

Nice guy, looks like a good job. Listened to radio 4 which is a bonus in my book.