Dig out & set a railway sleeper steps on front drive. - Groundwork & Foundations job in Hassocks, West Sussex

Job description

I have a sloped rockery (now cleared) dropping from the driveway to a parking area by the bottom of our front steps which I want replaced with a set of 'railway sleeper' steps for easier access.

The job is: 1. Dig out the rockery area (about 2000mm wide x 2000mm deep x 900mm high) & reinforce the backwall so that heavy traffic round the driveway won't dislodge the newly laid sleepers. 2. Lay new hardwood sleepers, 1800x220x130, (to be provided) onto a concrete base such that heavy traffic round the driveway won't dislodge them. I'm reckoning on 5 sleepers laid side up giving 4 steps of 500mm but with 5 step-downs. 3. Set small slabs (to be provided) next to the sleeper ends to form a small end stop. 4. Backfill the steps with pea shingle.

Pricing: 1. Could you please quote on a labour + parts basis Labour = your daily rate x number of days you've allowed Parts = an estimate for aggregates + any machine hire, but the final price of which I'd rather pay myself separately either to you or the supplier.

  1. Please say when you would be able to do this job. Obviously time is of the essense with cold weather coming.

  2. Please say if you have any examples of your work that I can see (preferably not too far away :=)) since this would help my descision.

If I've missed any info out that you need just contact me & thanks for considering the job. Regards, Robin.


Feedback for K. Durling & Son

I'm very happy to recommend Kevin:

1. Very punctual
2. Good communication - before & during the job.
3. Really good knowledge & skills in a variety of trades & he takes a real interest in what he's doing.
4. Takes pride in the work he does & so takes time to suggest improvements to the job over the initial spec. He has made an effort with the details on my job rather than just bash it out & move on quick.
5. Good, honest pricing.
6. Always a pleasant conversation to be had & a decent guy to have around!

Please don't take up all his time as we'll be wanting him back for other jobs now we know him :=))