Foundations (with piling) required for orangery - Groundwork & Foundations job in Slough, Berkshire

Job description

  • Foundations for a structure to be built
  • House extension

Customer description

Foundations required for orangery 9m x 3.5m (diagonal corners). Necessitates piling (4 positions): either liaise with local company (quoted) or appoint preferred contractor. Dropbox plans and specs can be emailed on request.


Feedback for Hussar Group Ltd

This company provided a quotation and we agreed a contract. They then sought to increase it by £950 because of 'unforeseen' excavation for the beam and block floor: specifically, 6sqm of floorspace, and 200-250mm deeper than envisaged. I agreed to meet them half-way on this, because I had indeed increased the floorspace by 6sqm. But the increase in depth, they claimed, was because they had laid the foundations almost half a metre higher than the architect's specification, which they insisted "doesn't meet the regulations" and "is wrong" (quote). The professionalism of my architect and design engineer was impugned. Both have defended vigorously, in writing. Hussar Group Ltd amended my architect's plans unilaterally, without dialogue or warning. It has cost me £1000s in remedial design work, and weeks of delay in project completion. When queried, they insist they have amended nothing (despite having previously stated in writing that they have), and persistently conflated building regulations with architectural specifications, as though these were the same thing. They have now threatened court action. I am happy to provide anyone with all the correspondence relating to this. Hussar Group Ltd don't appear to understand the difference between building regulations and architectural specifications. I have no confidence at all in their professional ability to interpret architectural specifications, or their integrity in dealing rationally with dispute resolution.