Move socket and move light switch, fix spot lights - Electrical job in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Job description


In our bedroom, our light switch is behind the bedroom door, so would like this moving up and over door to agjacent wall. This wall already has ensuite light switch on it so would like to combine into a double light switch.

Also in our bedroom, we have a mains wall socets for the tv in the middle of the wall where the previous owner had their tv. So need this double plug socket moving 2 foot to go behind tv on the wall.

In our kitchen, we have spot lights but only half of them turn on. This is due to someone (who will remain nameless) trying to change the double wall switch and the wiring is either wrong or ???? So now one switch turn on half the lights, the other switch does nothing.

Many Thanks



Feedback for Airborne Electrics

Craig has done a brilliant job for us, very professional. He kept us update on how the job was going, how long it was going to take, what it was going to cost and all the options we had to do a better job and save us money.

I will certainly hire Craig again for any electrical work we require!