Hot water push fit connection and tap tail is leaking - Plumbing job in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Job description

  • Leak
  • Source identified

Customer description


Hot water push fit connection and tap tail is leaking and needs replacing on a bath tap.

There is a 22mm hot water copper pipe connected to a black L shaped push fit, that is connected to a tap tail which connects to the tap. Both the push fit and the tap tail need replacing due to small leaks that have developed.

I would like a new isolator valve (non-push fit using olives) fitted to the copper pipe and a new tap tail fitted. Tap tail will need to be longer than a standard as the end of the copper pipe is under the floor.

Please provide a quote for total cost for labour and parts, with availability to complete. I will need an invoice upon completion for payment.

Many Thanks

Added 25th June, 2019: ---------------------- I think it's a 22mm copper pipe and not 15mm.


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Replaced leaking push-fit fittings for new compression type, installed an isolation valve and additional copper piping. Read the brief and completed all works as agreed, arrived on time and received invoice promptly. Would definitely use again. Thank you.